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With this section, we would like to share some of our web design knowledge with you. This should take the guesswork out of reclaiming the edge over your competitors. We can share knowledge of conducting business online and internet marketing, along with some of the more technical aspects. These are worth knowing about, if you have time to read them. We are also just as happy to discuss these things over the telephone or in person if you would prefer.


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Business Articles

In this section on you can find a selection of articles designed to take you through the stages of conceptualising, planning, commissioning and running your web site, from a business perspective.


Market Research

Do you really need a web site? How can you decide if it is worthwhile? Do you need a full ecommerce store? Or just a brochureware site? Here are some tips on how to decide.


Get Free Funding

There is various help available to startup and existing businesses in order to create a web presence. Here we give you some advice on sources of grants and further information.


Planning Your Web Site

So you are about to take the leap and commission a project? It will help to know what to expect from your site, and from your developer. And it only takes a little planning beforehand.


Choosing a Web Design Company

You've done your research, got a budget and planned your website. Now who do you trust? This can be one of the hardest decisions. Even if you don't use our services, this guide will tell you what you should expect from your developers.


Making it Work!

So you now have a completed web site, but how do you go about making it work for you? Many businesses make the same mistake. Their web site is designed and published... and that's it! When it doesn't instantly perform magic tricks all by itself, they abandon it. Here are some alternatives.

Techinical Articles

The Technical Articles section goes into more detail about some of the techical aspects to consider in your web site's development. These are explained from a non-technical perspective and are easy to understand.


Accessible Web Design

Accessibility is a buzzword for all professional web designers and developers. You do not want to inadvertantly discriminate against users of your web site. But what is it all about? And what does it mean for you and your business?


W3C Compliant

This is another buzzword. To ensure your web site is error free and future proof, it must be W3C compliant. Even if you know what it is, we'd like to explain why it is so important.


Search Engine Optimisation

This has long been the holy grail of web site success. But the science of SEO is ever evolving and there are no guarantees. So how do we improve our chances of being found by the search engines?


Content Management Systems

One of the key factors in determining the success or failure of a web site is in the content, or lack thereof. But you it can be expensive calling calling your developer everytime you need to make a small change. That's where CMS comes in.


Browser Resolution

Something overlooked by so many developers, is the size of a users monitor. What happens if they have a tiny monitor, or a huge one. Does the site still display properly? Read to find out.


For more technobabble demystified, check out our Jargon Buster!

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