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Accessibility - This is the practise of designing a web site which overcomes obstacles created by physical, mental, and technological disabilities of potential visitors.

A - The absolute minimum acceptable level of compliance with accessibility guidelines.

AA - Or Double-A. This is considered to be the preferred level of compliance with accessibility guidelines.

AAA - Or Triple-A. This is considered to be the optimum level of compliance with accessibility guidelines.

Animation - A set of pictures simulating movement when played in series.


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Banner - A graphic or flash advertisement can be placed on a web page as part of an advertising drive. The image then acts as a hyperlink to an advertiser's web site.

Button - This is a smaller version of the banner.

Browser - A software program such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, used to display web pages.
Bulletin Board - This is a community area of your web site which allows visitors to sign up and leave messages for you or for each other.

Bandwidth - The amound of data which can travel over the internet at one time.


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CMS - Content Management System. This is an admin area which allows you to to modify sections of your web site without having to contact your developer or learn complicated code or jargon.

Corporate Identity - This describes the overall image of your company in terms of logos, colours, icons or shapes.


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Domain Name - The name that identifies a web site. For example, awebdesignglasgow.com

Depreciated Code - Markup or code which is obsolete and in the process of being phased out. Eventually it will no longer work.

Directory - In SEO: a collection of web links online which make your web site available, and will also improve search engine positioning.

Dynamic Content - This means a web site is more than just an online brochure. It has content that can be modified by user or webmaster intervention.


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E-mail (Electronic Mail) - Messages sent from one person to another using the Internet.

E-mail Address - The address used for sending e-mails to a person or an organization. Typical format is name@domain.com

E-mail Server - A web server dedicated to serving e-mail.

E-commerce - This is the name for business conducted electronically. Specifically it relates to hosting an online store where people can buy products directly through your web site.


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Flash Animation - This is a technology which has been developed to deliver crisp, complex animation over the web, without requiring a lot of bandwidth.

Feedback Form - A form that passes user input back to the server. The input is then emailed to your address for you to respond as you please.

Forum - See Bulletin Board


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Gigabyte - 1024 megabytes. Commonly rounded down to one billion bytes.

GB - Same as Gigabyte. 10GB is ten gigabytes.

Graphics - In web terms graphics describe pictures (opposite to text).


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Hosting - This is a slice of internet storage space where people can access your website, via your domain name.

HTML - HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the language of the web. HTML is a set of tags that are used to define the content, layout and the formatting of the web document. Web browsers use the HTML tags to define how to display the text. HTML has now been superseded by XHTML and will eventually be depreciated code.

HTML 4.01 Transitional - HTML recomendation published by the W3C in 1999. Contains depreciated code in order to assist the transition to XHTML, hence the name. Is not generally used by professionals.

HTML 4.01 Strict - Published alongside the Transitional with a strict syntax which eliminates most depreciated code.

Hits - The number of times a web object (page or picture) has been viewed or downloaded. (See also Page Hits).

Home Page - The top-level (main) page of a web site. The default page displayed when you visit a web site.

Hyperlink - See Text Link

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Kilobyte - 1024 bytes. Often called 1K, and rounded down to 1000 bytes.

K - Same as kilobyte 10K is ten kilobytes..

KB - Same as kilobyte 10KB is ten kilobytes..

Keyword - In web terms: A word used by a search engine to search for relevant web information.


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Link - The same as a text link.


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Megabyte - 1024 kilobytes. Commonly rounded down to one million bytes.

MB - Same as Megabyte. 10MB is ten megabytes.



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Navigation Interface - This is the section of each web page containing links to the rest of the site.


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Optimisation - See SEO.


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Page Hits - The number of times a web page has been visited by a user.

Page Impressions - The same as Page Hits.

Page Views - The same as Page Hits.

PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor - A technology allowing the insertion of server executable scripts in web pages. It is PHP we use to create dynamic features.

Platform - In web terms: The computer's operating system like Windows, Linux, or OS X.


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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation. The practise of researching and selecting useful keywords. They are then targeted on Google or other search engines, in order to achieve a high ranking for that site using the chosen keywords.

Script - A collection of statements written in a Scripting Language. This is a programming language that can be executed by a web browser or a web server.

Search Engine Spider - Computer program used to search and catalog (index) the millions of pages of available information on the web. Common search engines are Google and AltaVista.

SQL - Structured Query Language - An ANSI standard computer language for accessing and manipulating databases.

Statistics - An area of your web site that allows you to review details on the level of activity on your web site, in terms of visitor traffic.


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Text Link - A pointer to another document. Most often a pointer to another web page. A hyperlink is a synonym for a hotlink or a link, and sometimes called a hypertext connection to another document or web page.

Template - A web site that is duplicated over and over for many different clients. A fast way to mass produce web sites. We never do this.


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URL - Uniform Resource Locator - A web address. The standard way to address web documents (pages) on the Internet (like: http://www.awebdesignglasgow.com/)


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Visitor - Commonly used to describe a person visiting (viewing) a web site.


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W3C - World Wide Web Consortium - The organization responsible for managing standards for the WWW.

WAI - Web Accessibility Initiative an W3C effort to improve the accessability of the internet as a whole.

WWW - (World Wide Web) A global network of computers using the internet to exchange web documents.

Webmaster - The owner of a website who is responsible for updating the content.


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XHTML - (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) HTML reformulated as XML. XHTML is the latest version of HTML. Developed by W3C.

XHTML 1.0 - W3C Recommendation 26 January 2000

XHTML 1.1 - W3C Recommendation 31 May 2001. All deprecated features of HTML have now been removed.

XML - (Extensible Markup Language) A simplified version of SGML especially designed for web documents, developed by the W3C.

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