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Evolution Band Web Sites

Professional and Modern

Both the web site and the admin area are fully tested to comply with latest W3C (XHTML 1.0, CSS and usability) recommendations. This is very important when developing a web site, and is something usually neglected by amateur web sites. Having valid code is very important to ensure that your web site displays across a variety of different browsers and machines. It also means that your site is future proof, and can be properly spidered and indexed by search engines such as Google.


All Evolution Band Web Sites are created by Lance Taylor, for A Web Design.


NEW 23/05/07: You originally had to spend hours resizing new galleries and creating thumbnails. Now simply locate the unmodified file on your computer and upload. The Evolution Admin software resizes the picture and also creates a thumbnail automatically! The new images are then visible in your gallery immediately.

The Web Site

We have used Serotone's web site as an example. Each page is live and dynamic and reads the data created in the admin area. Click the following link to see the web site in action. Click on the images to go directly to that page.



The Admin Area


This is the admin main page. It is a sitemap which allows access to the admin areas for each section.

The Admin Area

Any changes here automatically show up on the site. The admin zone features full help documentation which can be accessed from anywhere in admin. Click the link for a demo. Click on the images to go directly to that page.



The Home Page

Home Page

The home page is the hub of the whole web site. It is set to display text copy as decided by the band in the admin area. This page always reports the last modifications made to the site using the admin, and when. This way the fans can see immediately what's new. The front page also contains one image as uploaded in the admin. This can be changed at any time. Finally a section of the current news story is displayed in a box along with any upcoming gigs in another box.

The Home Page Admin

Home Page Admin

From here you can modify the home page which is shown opposite. You can both upload a new picture for the home page, and modify any text and which is displayed on the page. The copy can include some special code to alter the formatting, add links and images.

The News Page

News Page

This automatically displays the news items that have been added via the admin area. A bulletin of the top story also displays on the home page.

The News Page Admin

News Page Admin

From here you can add new news stories to appear on the main web site. You can also modify or delete any existing stories. You can use code to create links and images.

The Band Biog

Biog section

This section begins with a main page containing a brief band biog, and portraits of the band. Clicking on the portrait will take you to the individual profile for the band member. The profile contains a picture and any text or formatting added by the band member.

The Biography Admin

Profiles Admin

You can modify the band biog, or go into the individual profiles and make any changes you want to the text. New images for the profiles and portraits can also be uploaded here. As you have full control of the content, you can include any information about yourself, and a journal if you like.

The Discography


This section shows details of any releases by the band. From a main page you can view detailed information about a CD, description, picture, tracklisting and other release information.


The Discography Admin

Discography Admin

Add new albums or EPs, with release information. You can always add, remove or modify items to make sure your discography is up to the minute. In the Tracks section you can add individual tracks.

The Lyrics Section

Lyrics Section

This section is used to browse around any lyrics added by the band.

The Tracks Section

Tracks Admin

You add track listings here for the discography items. Any lyrics entered into the lyrics boxes for any track, will automatically show up in the Lyrics section on the main site.

The Gigs Page

Gigs Page

Any upcoming gigs are shown here along with details of the events. Each gig is also shown in brief on the front page of the web site.

The Gigs Page Admin

Gigs Page Admin

Any upcoming gigs can be added or modified here. Just put in the date, venue and gig details. They will show up on the gigs page and in bulletin form on the home page.

The Media Zone

Media Zone

The media section contains all uploaded galleries, songs and videos.



The Media Zone Admin

Media Zone

The picture here is of the Gallery admin area, where you can add or modify any custom uploaded galleries to display in the Media Zone. You also have sections to upload any music or videos which will also become available in the Media Zone.

The Press & Reviews Page

Press Page

Any media attention, reviews or other press can be seen here.

The Press Page Admin

Press Page Admin

Add any reviews here, and they will be displayed on the site. As with all sections, you have full control to modify or delete existing stories.

The Band Shop

Band Shop

Using Paypal or a credit card, the fans can buy any CDs, gig tickets and other merchandise in the band shop.

The Band Shop Admin

Links Page Admin

Any items to be sold in the shop are initially added to the site using this interface. Add some basic details, price and a pic, and the item is neatly added to your shop. Payments go directly to the band's paypal account, you get the order and payment, and simply ship the goods.

The Links Page

Links Page

Any outbound links are on this page. There is also a copy of the images and code to link back to the band web site.

The Links Page Admin

News Page Admin

From here you can add new links to appear on the main web site. You can also modify or delete any existing links. You can use an image or a banner if you desire.

The Feedback Page


This is where people can contact the webmaster directly.

The Help Files

Home Page Admin

There is full support for the whole system in the form of help files. Each section is linked to the appropriate help article and vice versa.

The Forum


This is where the fans can really get to know the band, and each other. Discuss gigs and the music among other things. A real community aspect to the site is found here.

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