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As we mentioned already, at least half of British businesses are not online. Many businesses simply don't realise that having a web site can always help a company in one way or another. From incresing your exposure to cusomers to improving customer service. Some of the benefits include:

  • Availability - Your 'brochure' is permanently available
    • To anyone
    • Anywhere
    • 24 hours a day
  • Cost Effectiveness - You don't need to keep re-printing and distributing your sales/support literature, just give out your web address. People can also use Google to find your site.
  • Convenience - Your contact details are always available. Clients and customers can contact you at the push of a button at any time, from anywhere, for free.
  • Customer Focus - You can provide your clients and customers with an instant source of information on products or services, and provide support. In return your customers can give you feedback via the web site.
  • Control - Communicate anything and everything you need to your customers, in your own time and your own space. You have none of the usual constraints of a conventional advertising campaign.
  • Expectation - Your clients expect you to have a web site. It is the first place many people will look for when they need assisstance or are interested in a product. Don't you expect your suppliers to have one?
  • Efficiency - You can dramatically reduce the amount of call handling time if the information you provide on your web site is accurate, and easily accessible to your customers.


Evolving social and cultural aspects come into play as well. In today's society there is a trend for introversion. Things like chat rooms, internet shopping, email, Myspace, and text messaging mean that society is becoming more anonymous, and that is how many people expect to gather information - anonymously. A large section of the population would rather get the facts of a transaction before making a call or walking into a store. And those same people would rather Google or check your web site for help or support before picking up the telephone. You must provide your customers with just that, an anonymous method of gathering information about your company, your products and your services - and seeking support. Otherwise, you are losing these introverted customers.

Web Site Design Market Research

Start with a little research. What are your competitors up to? Do they have a web site? Google the name of your product or service along with your location and see what web sites show up in the search results. Or if you have a specific competitor Google their name to find their web site. It is also worth checking your section of the Yellow Pages to see if any of your competitors are advertising a web site in there.


Once you have found your competitor's web site, put yourself in the mindset of one of your customers. Do you, as a customer, like this web site? Does it serve a purpose to you? Can you find the information you need? Can you take easy steps to purchase a product etc.? Is there anything else of interest? Does this web site present a professional image of the company?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the web site is at least partially effective. You found the web site, and so can your customers. If they answered yes to these questions then they are half way to a sale, even if it is on a return visit.


If you are unsure, then try signing up for a free appraisal of your competitors web site. This will let you see any areas you might be able to use to your advantage. It will also make you aware of ways to make your own site more effective than your competitor. Please state that this is not your own web site, if this is the case.


Is your competitor selling your products online? Are they the only competitor doing this? Having an ecommerce store can be an unneccessary expense, if you don't make any sales. So if you are considering an online shopping cart you should check a few things. If your competitors are already selling products, check that you can compete in price and service, including packing and carriage. The more competition you have for a product, the more competetive price you will need. If you cannot compete on price, then it is probably not worth investing in an ecommerce store unless you have some other tricks up your sleeve.


If you can beat your competitors on price, or your competitors aren't selling online, or you have some other unique hook to your web site, then you may well have a niche you can exploit. Is it practical to sell your product online? You may want to contact us to discuss the possibility further.


With a bit of creative thinking put behind a web site, a world of possibilities and benefits can open up to your business. Using a CMS system, you can easily maintain active content on your site. CMS systems can be customised to allow you to easily update any required sections of your site. So you can have updatable News or Links sections. You can make announcements, or have a live product catalogue which can optionally become an ecommerce store.

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