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There's no point in going to all the effort of researching, planning and commissioning a web site if you don't maximise it to its full potential. So depending on your web site objectives, there are certain things you should be doing during and after the launch to make sure your web site is a success.

  • Cast - Get some traffic to your site.
  • Reel In - Turn the traffic into profit.


Web Site Designe-Marketing

If you are conducting business directly through your web site, then qualified traffic is absolutely vital. Hopefully your developer has incorporated some manner of Search Engine Optimisation techniques into your web site. This means that you are more likely (although not guaranteed) to be found in the search engines. One way to improve the chances of being found in search engines is by recieving backlinks to your site from other sources on the web. Try to promote your site by convincing other webmasters to place links to your page. You should also investigate new directories relevant to your product, area or trade where you can place your company details. Google finds all of these links to your web site and decides your content is more important.


Another valuable emarketing tool, if you have the budget, is paid links in search engines such as Google Adwords. You bid for a certain keyphrase, and your site is displayed as a Sponsored link for that chosen search. Yahoo has a similar scheme, and there are other similar ideas on other popular search engines.

Web Site Design Relevant Content

Make sure that the content on your web site is always relevant, and always up to date. If visitors see outdated content, they are much less likely to return. It is also worth adding new content such as products if possible. Always be prepared to evolve your web site if a new market becomes available.


Web Site Design Incentives

It might be worth offering incentives such as discounts or exclusives on your web site, to keep your visitors active. Keep these varied from time to time.


Web Site Design Competition

Check regularly what your rival is up to. If you start to lose sales, it may be because your rival is doing something new with their web site. If this is the case, paying attention can minimise their lead or even keep you one step ahead.


Web Site DesignBranding

Of course the likelihood is that you have built your website to match any existing company image and promotional material. Now you must take time to ensure that all of your promotional material makes a reference to your web site. All company adverts, business cards, letterheads and other stationery can be used to promote your web site to your existing clients for support, and to potential and new clients for business.

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