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It's always been said that "Content is King" when it comes to a web site. This is very true. A vast proportion of the internet is heavily outdated. People are unlikely to choose to do business with someone who has "LATEST NEWS 2003" on the front of their web page, when the competitor posted an update that very morning. Likewise, if you have a single page web site with contact details, then your business is likely to go to your competitor who has a portal page with a wide selection of content.


The problem with maintaining active content has always been the ease of use (or lack therof) in updating the web site. A static web site cannot really be efficiently or easily updated by the owner without drafting in the developer. This can be costly for many continuous updates, but if the owner tries to modify the code, they end up with Tag Soup, or a page that doesn't work at all.


The alternative is to leave a page to stagnate to the point where it is no longer relevant. But this scenario is obviously not great improvement.

Web Site DesignAdmin Areas

The best solution to this problem is in having your developer create or install a Content Management System. This will come in the form of a password protected admin area that allows you to create new content, modify or delete existing content. This can be used to change anything from a welcome notice, to news items or links, or a whole ecommerce store.


Scripts can also be used to manage content without your regular input. As an example, if you have a large database of jokes, you could use your CMS to display a random joke each day. You would only have to upload the database and the rest would take care of itself. Of course you could, as required, also add new jokes if necessary.


If your developer writes custom CSM systems, then the sky is the limit. If you wish, you can modify every single detail of your web site using your admin area.


Please see our Evolution Band Web Site product for an example.

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